Recent Before & After Photos

House Fire

This whole home was damaged from a fire. We were able to salvage some of their items and restore the home, after removing fire damaged items and walls. When t... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

A fire damaged kitchen and what it looked like after the space was cleaned.  This space is free of smoke smell and ready for new drywall.

Fire in Stairwell

When fire gets into a stairwell it can easily spread up or down to other levels of your home. Make sure you have an alternative plan to escape upper levels in ... READ MORE

Before and after of Attic Fire

These photos show the damage from a fire in an attic space. It is amazing the damage that can take place. The crew had to take the drywall down to the studs and... READ MORE

Before and after of flooded basement

These are before and after photos of a flooded basement floor. This customer was smart to have a majority of their belongings stored up off the floor on racks.... READ MORE

Mold Located In Storage Room in Basement

There are over 100,000 different types of fungi that have been identified and depending on where and what type, it can be harmful. Mold can cause many health pr... READ MORE

Attic Fan Cleaning

Did you know that SERVPRO of St. Joseph does small cleaning jobs? We offer many services and are happy to help with the smaller cleaning jobs that you cannot ge... READ MORE

Basement Flooding in St. Joseph Missouri

The cause of this basement flood was the result of excessive rain in the local St. Joseph area. Our spring weather was unexpected this year but SERVPRO was prep... READ MORE

Fire Damage Repaired to a Door in St. Joseph, MO

This fire was not a large loss but it still affected a small portion of one's property. SERVPRO of St. Joseph cleaned up this door and the area surrounding it t... READ MORE

Water Leak Through Recessed Lighting

These are the before and after photos of a water leak that effected a small portion of the house. SERVPRO of St. Joseph retracted the water out from the ceiling... READ MORE